About us

People with a character and a style unique enough to impress!

IT Healthcare?

We designed our business around one goal: to keep your company healthy by maintaining the health of your technological infrastructure. It's what we do. Our practice is to create support and services to rival large companies who have more resources, but at a fraction of the their cost. We can do this because we believe YOUR company is part of OUR company.

What does that mean? It means we combine your company with others like it to leverage better price points on equipment, operations, and services. We solve most of your problems remotely - during a time when it's crucial to keep a safe distance - before having to walk in your door; and continue to keep your company healthy while you sleep.

We leverage a combined experience of 80+ years in the IT industry while continuing to learn the best new products on the market in order to keep your company running at optimum efficiency now - and in the future.

DOUGLAS WHARTON Co-Owner / Infrastructure Specialist

Douglas brings a wealth of expertise in the backbone of your system.

VIVEK S BAGAL Co-Owner / Application Specialist

Vivek works with websites and programs, and the things that make your business work.

LYNEA KOSHAR Technical Trainer

Lynea helps you find your customers through your technology.

LINDA FRANIC Comptroller

Linda manages US, so we can take care of you.